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I spent months researching in preparation for the test. Immediately after passing, (on the first attempt) I started working on this study guide while everything was still fresh in my mind. I have combined all of my research into this comprehensive and easy to read study guide.

Blair Bertrand
Cert. 86332

A study guide made to help.

Don’t attempt to take one of the very hardest tests I’ve ever taken without being prepared.  The test is designed to make you think like never before and you need time on your side.  It is very important to use your time wisely.  Our study guide will help you learn the math equations so that working through the problems is not going to be the part that slows you down.  When time is against you, Be Prepared.  


  • What does the study guide consist of?

    Basic principles and ultrasonic formulas.

  • Are the math problems worked out step-by-step?


  • How many math problems are there?


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  • Over 40 step by step math problems.

  • Includes the basic principles and ultrasonic formulas you will need to be prepared.

  •  Only known study guide not created by maker of test.

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